I grew up in Nepal but came to study in Australia. It was here that I decided to study accountancy for various reasons, mainly my interest in this area.  I chose Australia to immigrate to this is where I had a cousin and a number of friends. I was putting off this big decision as I knew that I would have to save a lot of money in order to reach Australia and to be able to afford my studies.

I decided to take a loan from family and use all my savings as I knew that from the stories which I heard this would be the country I wanted to make my future in.

When I arrived in Sydney I fell in love with the place immediately and knew that this is where I wanted to be. My cousin put me in contact with Michelle.

Words cannot justify how professional and adamant Michelle is. She took charge of my situation and led me through the whole process. She first got me a second student visa and enrolled me into a university where I did my professional year. After that she was the first agent I heard of to let me know about the State Nomination Migration scheme in NSW where I was granted my visa in March this year. I am now a happy Permanent resident and recommend her services to all my friends and people that I meet.

I will always refer people in my position to Michelle, she helped to change my life.