Living in Australia

What Does Australia Have To Offer?

Economic Stability
Value System


Australia as of April 2013 has a total population of 23 million people. It has a total land mass of 8 million square kilometres.

Most of the Australian population lives on the coast line in its capital cities.

Currently four of those Australian cities are listed in the top 20 of the world’s most liveable cities.




The Australian economy is stable. During the global financial crisis Australia was the only major economy that didn’t officially go into a recession and its central bank, the Reserve Bank, was the first to raise interest rates. These are strong signs of economic stability.

The resources boom is creating demand for workers in a wide range of areas.


Australia is a very safe country with very low crime rates. Unlike other First World countries our robbery rates and gun crime is extremely low.

In our day to day living it is evident that with the framework of Australia’s laws it is valued and practiced everyday that all members of society are equal. This is often a major drawcard to Australia as still in today’s society many people are oppressed by their own governments.

With the framework of Australia’s laws all Australians have equal rights to the following shared values;

Freedom of speech and association
Support for parliamentary democracy and the rule of law
Respect for equal worth, dignity and freedom of the individual.
Equality under the law
Equality of men and women
Equal Opportunity
Freedom of religion and a secular government

Australia is multicultural therefore we get to experience flavours from all over the world. Particularly popular is Asian cuisine with foods coming from Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan as well as other South East Asian dishes. With a mix of European Italian and Greek bringing the Continental flavor most foods will be found in Australia allowing us to feel close to our roots.


Australians love their sport and their passion for it means it plays an important role in our culture. With a great outdoor climate many of us play sport on the weekends and if not on the field, enjoy being supportive spectators. Our most loved sports include: cricket, rugby, soccer, netball, hockey, swimming, triathlon just to name a few.