Resident Return Visa

The purpose of the Resident Return visa is to allow current or former Australian permanent residents, or former Australian citizens to re-enter Australia after periods spent overseas. This visa will allow you to maintain your status as an Australian permanent resident on your return to Australia.

Generally you are required to have spent two of the last five years in Australia as a permanent resident prior to making your application. If you do not meet this requirement but are able to demonstrate substantial ties to Australia, e.g. business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia, and you are also able to demonstrate compelling reasons for your absence it may still be possible to obtain a Resident Return visa.

One year RRV:
If you have not spent at least 2 years out of the last 5 in Australia then you may be eligible for the shorter validity RRV. To meet requirements for a 1 year RRV:
You must not have been absent from Australia for a period of five continuous years or more since the grant of your most recent permanent visa or since you ceased being a citizen, unless there was a compelling reason for your absence;
You must also be able to demonstrate that you have substantial ties to Australia.

3 month RRV:
To meet requirements for a 3 month RRV:

You must have spent at least one day in the last five years lawfully in Australia.
You must have spent less than two years in the last five years in Australia.
You must have been a permanent resident or an Australian citizen for the entire period spent in Australia.
You must show that there is a compelling and compassionate reason for your departure