Three Steps

Do you want to know what to do to stay in Australia?

Are you overseas and would like to know what to do to move to Australia?


We believe in giving you clear and accurate information as  part of our Immigration Service as you are important to us.

We will take care of your worries by simplifying the migration process for you.

We can meet with you face to face, Skype or email consultation

At this point we can inform you of your best options and what is involved for you in working towards your option and ease any concerns that you may have.

Our written advice will be provided to you so you can take your time to consider the options and processes


Once you are ready to go ahead we will do the following: We will then:

Develop a tailored timeline for your process of  IMMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA
Provide you with a personalised list of documents you will need to make sure your Australian immigration forms are able to be completed by us.
Provide you with advice on the content of references including examples and templates.
Prepare and lodge the skill assessment for immigration to Australia
Prepare your visa application making sure all Australian immigration forms are complete.


We will finalise Australian immigration forms before sending them to the appropriate Australian immigration centre.

Prepare legislation to meet your application with legislative requirements in line with Australian immigration policy.

Your migration expert will liaise with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship from the time of application until the time of visa grant.